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9 inch Semi-Precious Stone Dream Catcher


Weight 0.75 lbs
SKU MONdc479-brn-ave
Price: $56.99
Price: $47.99 (Save 16%)


This 9 inch leather wrapped dreamcatcher has a sinew web adorned with semi precious stone chips that sparkle when the light hits them. Leather strands with metal beads and hackle feathers dangle beneath making this an elegant dreamcatcher that will enchant  any  space.  This is one of our most sought after dream catchers since you can choose both the color of the leather and the stones you wish to have in the webbing. Available in brown and tan leather. 

Some images are of the smaller DC476 to demonstrate color and stone options only. Hoop size will be larger.

Hoop Width: 9 inches
Hanging Length: 22 inches